Education vs Experience

This is a rather debatable topic, but I want to give my 0.02 cents on it. Last week I talked about how to start in this mobile era, now it is time to talk about what are the two main options for you to have a great foundation before you start. If you still have... Continue Reading →


First steps: 21st century edition

Except for talking and writing, I am a lot into marketing and social media – as some of you know. This is the main reason why I started watching Apple Music’s new series: “Planet of the Apps” (POTA). From there you can gain a lot of insight from people who actually create and develop businesses... Continue Reading →

How to create more?

If you want to succeed, you have to start somewhere. Usually, if you are not born with wealth, you start at ground zero and you have to build your building stone by stone with every stone becoming heavier and heavier to lift, to move around and to place. Why is that? Very simple – you... Continue Reading →

Matter of time

Last week’s Champions League final got me thinking about success. As most of you know, I am a die-hard Juventus fan, so as a fan I certainly did not enjoy this final and how it turned out. Regardless, it was a perfect example of consistency. Real Madrid are one of the world’s top football teams... Continue Reading →


Hello again, KSfamily! This is going to be more emotional than the usual, but I just want to clarify some things once and for all. Without any further ado, let’s dive in today’s post. First of all, I want to state, yet again, that this blog, as you know, is for motivation. Yes, but motivation... Continue Reading →


First of all, happy children’s day to all young and already grown-up kids. I want to wish you a lot of fun, a lot of smiles and everything positive. Since it is international children’s day today, I want to talk a bit about our childhoods, to bring up some memories. This is not from the... Continue Reading →

Go Viral

Nowadays, everyone uses the social media for different purposes – from showing the world you are having such great time with friends, to actually promoting yourself and what you are doing. The good thing about social media is that with enough amount of work, you can reach to millions of people and affect them in... Continue Reading →

Do not listen to yourself

It is easy to begin something yours – you just start, but it is hard to keep going. The reasons are countless, could be lack of money, lack of qualified team members or whatever else, but one reason stands out from the rest. People are this reason. They make it harder to manage your own... Continue Reading →


There are good times and there are also troubled times. During the second ones, people quit permanently thinking that the quitting will make them happier. I tend to agree for once with the argument above, but not quite. I agree that it is for the better not to quit, but rather to shutdown for a... Continue Reading →

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